Columbine revisited

Original post at Quina mandra!
Why? A simple, one-word question with more than one possible answer. Why Columbine, eight years ago? Why Virginia Tech, this week? What comes to my mind at once is that this guy, Cho Seung-hui, a 23 year old South Korean, was nuts and he didn’t have many problems to get a gun.
His mental state is none of our business. Or, at least, it was not until he decided to leave this world by killing himself... and not go alone. As for the second part, though, the one refering to how easily he got a gun, that does indeed have a lot to do with the rest of the world, especially with those who continue to defend the right of Americans to buy and use arms in order to, they say, protect themselves. So please greet the guys of the National Riffle Association and thank them for helping Americans live safer.
Just in case any American supporter of the "Get a gun for a buck" campaign happens to read this, you should know that you’re sick. Don’t take it as an insult, for it is not. All you should do is use that tiny part of your brain which is currently still working; when you think about it, you will probably come to the conclusion that arms are a dangerous toy to play with and that nobody is safe when arms are around.
My condolences to the beloved ones of all the people who died yesterday in a safe country.