Delfín Quishpe

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Quishpe és un equatorià de 26 anys que va deixar l'escola als 10 per dedicar-se a la música. Fa uns mesos va aparèixer el seu primer vídeo, un "homenatge" a les víctimes equatorianes de l'11-S. Aquí sota en teniu el link.
Un consell abans d'escoltar-la: aguanteu fins al final. Quedeu-vos amb les imatges, amb la lletra... amb tot. I un avís: escolteu-la asseguts, no fos cas que tinguéssim un ensurt!

Delfin Quishpe
Quishpe is a 26 years old Equadorian who quit school at the age of 10 to devote his life to music. A few months ago, his first video was released. It is a hommage to the Equadorian victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York.
Just in case you cannot understand the lyrics, the story is about an Equadorian guy who wants to join her girlfriend in New York, where she lives. Unfortunatelly, she is working at one of the Twin Towers at the moment when the attacks occur, and dies. Minutes before passing away, she calls him to let know how much she loves him. He is devastated because of the news of the attacks and the death of her girlfriend and sings how terrible it is that she's dead and buried underneath the destroyed rests of the building. The story is not based on his life, by the way. The lyrics are unbelievable.