The links on bord

Why does In varietate concordia offer links to international media? As a journalist, I have always been interested in the current affairs, in politics, economics or any other field (well, probably except sports, which are not really my thing). I guess this is actually the reason why I wanted to be a journalist. Besides, also the technics applied to communication have caught my eye ever since I was a kid, as the "new technologies" do these days.
Other links you can see around are those of my preferred blogs, which are not a few as you can see!

Perquè l'In varietate concordia ofereix links a mitjans de comunicació internacionals? Com a periodista, sempre m'ha interessat l'actualitat, tant política com econòmica i de qualsevol altre àmbit (bé, probablement excepte esportiva, que no m'apassiona gaire per no dir prácticament gens). Suposo que per això vaig voler ser periodista. A més, també la tecnologia aplicada a la informació m'ha cridat sempre l'atenció, des que era un nano, igual com ho fan avui dia les "noves tecnologies".
També podeu veure links als meus blogs preferits, que com podeu veure no són pas pocs!